I Love You. Will it DO?

I love you,
But will my love be enough?
I adore you,
But will worship-ping you be enough?
I long to make you happy,
But will you give me some time?

Yours is a love I should be content
But why does it keep me breaking?
Yours is a love I should be happy receiving
But why does it keep me left hanging?
This love makes or breaks
But are we ready to be broken and make it?

Ours is a love full of promises,
Promises that were made when we were happy.
But will it still be our promise when we are angry?

Ours is a love borne from the past,
The past we long to come back,
But will our love be strong enough for the forecast?

My love may be hurricane like,
But it will not be as brawny if not for your love.
Love me please just as enough…
For you will forever hold my heart…

Love maybe mysterious
You maybe puzzled,
But please know,
You are worth every puzzle.

unabridged profile of ricardo penson


photograph by jovel lorenzo photograph by jovel lorenzo

ricardo “dick” penson was the only independent senatorial candidate in the last elections. his main platform? Krusada (Crusade) Anti-Dynasty. to those not in the know, political dynasties in the Philippines are as commonplace as Denny’s in the U.S.

he lost–presumably because mr. penson does not have as big a political name recall as ejercito, or revilla, or binay (shudder).

i consider myself a good judge of character, and when i sat down for an afternoon with mr. penson in his weekend home in antipolo, i felt myself drawn to this powerful yet strangely down-to-earth man. (may i add that he is, so far, the first and only high profile interviewee who called me direct–no secretary, no assistant–to ask me if we could move our interview a few hours earlier. i was so nervous, i think i choked on my cornflakes.)

here is the unabridged version of…

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Happy Fiesta Tacloban! Viva Pit Señor!



This year’s fiesta celebration of Tacloban City is a far cry of what it used to be but it is I believe the most solemn celebration there is ever. 7 months after the typhoon, Tacloban is still thriving to bring the city back to its usual ardor.

The Sangyaw Festival turned out to be like a thanksgiving parade as people flock the streets to participate in the annual procession with placards with the “Thank You” phrases translated to various languages. Dancers do not show off costly costumes they instead wore simple shirts and shorts and smiles of no cost.

***Photo credit to the owner. 

Showing off different SMILES!

Pretty Smiles10511338_10203322275871436_1803812203112693430_n

Simple Smiles :)  10484032_694514887251115_3223293021579211657_n